Voting on Cook County Judges 2018

Cook County Judges up for Retention 

November 6, 2018

Access this list as a sample ballot in a printable pdf format here:

Progressive Recommendations for Retaining Cook County Judges November 6

Supreme Court

Anne M. Burke – YES

Appellate Court

Margaret Stanton McBride – YES

Cook County

Kathy Flanagan (Law Division – Daley Center) – NO

Moshe Jacobius (Chancery Division – Daley Center) – MIXED

Stuart Lubin (Juvenile Court) – YES

Martin S. Agran – YES

Ronald F. Bartkowicz

  1. Kenneth Wright, Jr. – YES

Catherine Marie Haberkorn (Criminal Court – Skokie) – MIXED

James M. Varga – NO

Maria Maras – NO

Peter Flynn – YES

Paul A. Karkula – MIXED

Maura Slattery Boyle – NO

Mary Margaret Brosnahan – NO

Matthew E. Coghlan – NO

Joyce Marie Murphy Gorman – NO

Joan Margaret O’Brien – NO

Thomas David Roti – YES

Colleen F. Sheehan – YES

Carl Anthony Walker – YES

Daniel Patrick Brennan – YES

Grace G. Dickler – YES

Ellen L. Flannigan – YES

Carol M. Howard (Criminal Court – 26th & Cal) – YES

Jill C. Marisie – NO

James Michael McGing – NO

Michael McHale (Criminal Court – 26th & Cal) – NO

James Patrick Murphy – YES

Thomas W. Murphy

Roman Ocasio, III – YES

Mary Colleen Roberts – YES

Diane M. Shelley – YES

Celia Louise Gamrath – YES

Lorna Ellen Propes (Law Division – Daley Center)

Tommy Brewer – YES

Andrea M. Schleifer – NO

Thomas R. Allen – NO

Erica L. Reddick (Criminal Court – 26th & Cal) – YES

Aicha Marie MacCarthy – NO

Lionel Jean-Baptiste – MIXED, but leans NO

Michael R. Clancy – NO

Regina Ann Scannicchio – YES

Diann Karen Marsalek (Municipal Division – Daley Center) – NO

Pamela Leeming (Municipal Division – Maywood)

Larry G. Axelrood – YES

Carl B. Boyd – MIXED

Daniel R. Degnan

John H. Ehrlich – NO

Terry Gallagher – NO

William G. Gamboney – NO

Elizabeth Mary Hayes (Municipal Division – Bridgeview)

Martin C. Kelley

Kimberly D. Lewis – NO

Edward M. Maloney – MIXED, but leans YES

Lisa Ann Marino – MIXED

Michael Tully Mullen (Chancery Division – Daley Center)

Karen Lynn O’Malley (Probate Court)

Paul S. Pavlus

Cynthia Ramirez (Juvenile Court) – MIXED, but leans YES

Beatriz Santiago – YES

Voting on Cook County Judges 2016

Cook County Judges up for Retention November 8, 2016

These recommendations from from dozens of lawyers practicing in tenants and housing law, criminal defense, civil rights, consumer law and a other areas of public interest law.

Most of their clients are poor, working class and people of color and the recommendations are based on whether they feel their clients can get a fair trial in front of these judges.

Here is a Sample Ballot in pdf format

201 Joy V. Cunningham – IL Appellate Court – YES

203 Sophia H. Hall – Chancery, Daley Center – YES

205 Irwin J. Solganick – Law Division, Trial, Daley Center

207 Alexander Patrick White – Law Division, Tax & Misc. Remedies, Daley Center

209 Vincent Michael Gaughan – Criminal, 26th & California – YES

211 Robert W. Bertucci – County Division, Daley Center – NO

213 Deborah Mary Dooling – Law Division, Daley Center – NO

215 Timothy C. Evans – Chief Judge of Circuit Court – YES

217 Cheryl D. Ingram – Municipal Division, Maywood – NO

219 Raymond L. Jagielski – Municipal, District 5, Bridgeview – NO

221 Bertina E. Lampkin -IL Appellate Court – NO

223 William Maki – Municipal Department, Rolling Meadows – NO

225 Sharon Marie Sullivan – County Division, Daley Center – YES

227 James Patrick McCarthy – Law Division, Daley Center – NO

229 Arnette R. Hubbard – Law Division, Daley Center – YES

231 Nicholas Ford – Criminal, 26th & California – NO

233 Charles Patrick Burns – Criminal, 26th & California – MIXED

235 Denise Kathleen Filan – Municipal, District 5, Bridgeview

237 John Patrick Kirby – Law Division, Daley Center

239 Diane Joan Larsen – Chancery Division, Daley Center 

241 Daniel Joseph Lynch – Law Division, Daley Center – NO

243 Kathleen Mary Pantle  – Chancery, Daley Center – MIXED

245 Kevin Michael Sheehan – Criminal, 26th & California -MIXED

247 John D. Turner – 6th Municipal, Markham – NO

249 LeRoy K. Martin, Jr. – Criminal, 26th & California – YES

251 Paula Marie Daleo – Municipal Department, Maywood – MIXED

253 Laurence J. Dunford – 6th Municipal, Markham

255 Robert Balanoff – Juvenile – YES

257 Jeanne R. Cleveland Bernstein – Domestic Relations, Daley Center

259 Kathleen Marie Burk – 5th Municipal, Bridgeview

261 Kay Marie Hanlon – Law Division, Daley Center – MIXED

263 Thomas J. Kelly – Domestic Relations, Daley Center

265 Clare Elizabeth McWilliams – Law Division, Daley Center

267 Mary Lane Mikva – Chancery, Daley Center – YES

269 Patrick T. Murphy – Domestic Relations, Bridgeview

271 Timothy Patrick Murphy – Domestic Relations, Daley Center – NO

273 Jim Ryan – Municipal, Civil Jury, Daley Center

275 Edward “Ed” Washington, II – Law Division, Daley Center

277 Thaddeus Wilson – Criminal, 26th & California – NO

279 John C. Griffin – Law Division, Daley Center

281 Daniel James Pierce – Appellate Court, 1st District

283 Allen F. Murphy – Municipal, 6th District, Markham – YES

285 William Hooks – Criminal, 26th & Cal – YES

287 Thomas V. Lyons – Law, Trial Division, Daley Center

298 Raymond W. Mitchell – Law Division, Daley Center

291 Edward Harmening – Law Division, Daley Center

293 Daniel Malone – Probate, Daley Center – YES

295 Geary W. Kull – Municipal, Division 4, Maywood – YES

297 John P. Callahan, Jr. – Law Division, Daley Center

299 Steven James Bernstein – Juvenile – YES

301 Bonita Coleman – Domestic Relations, District 6, Markham – NO

303 Ann Finley Collins – Municipal, Division 4, Maywood – YES

305 Daniel J. Gallagher – Traffic, Daley Center – NO

307 Sharon O. Johnson – Domestic Relations, Markham

309 Linzey D. Jones – Municipal, Division 5, Bridgeview – YES

311 Terry MacCarthy –Domestic Violence, Maywood – YES

313 Sandra G. Ramos – Municipal Division, Branch 48 (51st and Wentworth) – YES

315 Susan Kennedy Sullivan – Probate, Daley Center – MIXED

Voting for Cook County Judges 2014

Below is the list of Cook County Judges up for retention or election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, followed by a recommendation on how to vote.  This recommendation is compiled from a variety of sources.

The primary source of is input from a number of progressive attorneys working in Cook County Courts.  This group of attorneys includes dozens of lawyers practicing in tenants and housing law, criminal defense, civil rights, consumer law and a other areas of public interest law.  Most of their clients are poor, working class and people of color and their recommendations are based on whether they feel their clients can get a fair trial in front of these judges.

These recommendations are also cross-referenced against recommendations from major bar associations, with links below.  If there is not a recommendation next to the judge’s name, that means they were found “Qualified” by the bar associations, but there was not any additional information about them to make a recommendation.

Alliance of Bar Associations Recommendations– Compilation of various bar associations
Chicago Bar Association– Detailed descriptions about judges

Thomas Hoffman YES

Mauricio Araujo YES
Edward A. Arce YES
Andrew Berman YES
Margaret Ann Brennan NO
Eileen Mary Brewer NO
Janet Adams Brosnahan NO
James Brown YES
Eileen O’Neill Burke NO
Thomas J. Byrne YES
Diane Gordon Cannon NO
Evelyn B. Clay YES
Mary Ellen Coghlan YES
Ann Collins-Dole YES
Donna L. Cooper YES
Clayton J. Crane YES
Anna Helen Demacopoulos YES
Lynn Marie Egan NO
Candace Jean Fabri YES
Peter A. Felice NO
Thomas E. Flanagan NO
James Patrick Flannery YES
John J. Fleming YES
Rodolfo (Rudy) Garcia YES
James J. Gavin YES
Robert E. Gordon YES
Margarita Kulys Hoffman YES
Michael B. Hyman YES
Marilyn F. Johnson YES
Rickey Jones YES
Themis N. Karnezis NO
Kathleen G. Kennedy YES
Kerry M. Kennedy YES
Diana L. Kenworthy YES
Maureen Ward Kirby YES
William G. Lacy NO
Marjorie C. Laws YES
Casandra Lewis NO
Thomas J. Lipscomb YES
Pamela Elizabeth Loza NO
Patricia Manila Martin YES
Mary Anne Mason YES
Veronica B. Mathein
Sheila McGinnis NO
Dennis Michael McGuire NO
Kathleen Marie McGury YES
Lewis Nixon YES
William Timothy O’Brien NO
Annie O’Donnell NO
James N. O’Hara NO
Sebastian Thomas Patti YES
Edmund Ponce De Leon YES
Jackie Marie Portman YES
Joan E. Powell YES
James L. Rhodes YES
James G. Riley YES
Anita Rivkin-Carothers YES
Pat Rogers NO
Dominique C. Ross
Kristyna Colleen Ryan YES
Patrick J. Sherlock
Laura Marie Sullivan NO
Donald J. Suriano
Shelley Lynn Sutker-Dermer YES
Michael P. Toomin YES
Sandra Tristano YES
Valarie E. Turner NO
Raul Vega NO
Kenneth J. Wadas YES
Debra B. Walker YES
Ursula Walowski YES
Gregory Joseph Wojkowski YES
Frank G. Zelezinski NO
Appellate Court (Vacancy of Gordon) Shelly A. Harris 65 YES
Appellate Court (Vacancy of Murphy) David Ellis 66 YES
Appellate Court (Vacancy of Steele) John B. Simon 67 YES
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Arnold) Bridget Anne Mitchell 68 YES
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Burke) Maritza Martinez 69 YES
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Connors) Kristal Rivers 70 YES
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Egan) Daniel J. Kubasiak 71 YES
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Phelps Felton) Patricia O’Brien Sheahan 72 NO
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Howse, Jr.) Caroline Kate Moreland 73 NO
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Lowrance) Thomas J. Carroll 74 YES
Circuit Court (Vacancy of McDonald) Cynthia Y. Cobbs 75 YES
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Neville, Jr.) William B. Raines 76 YES
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Reyes) Diana Rosario 77 NO
Circuit Court (Vacancy of Hill Veal) Andrea Michele Buford 78 YES
2nd Subcircuit (Vac of O’Neal) Steven G. Watkins 80 YES
3rd Subcircuit (Vac of Donnelly) Terrence J. McGuire 80 NO
7th Subcircuit (Vac of Hardy-Campbell) Robert D. Kuzas 80 YES
7th Subcircuit (Vac of Taylor) Judy Rice 82 NO
9th Subcircuit (Vac of Goldberg) Megan Elizabeth Goldish 80 NO
9th Subcircuit (Vac of Meyer) Anjana Hansen 82 NO
9th Subcircuit (Vac of Preston) Abbey Fishman Romanek 83 YES
10th Subcircuit (Add’l Judge A) Anthony C. “Tony” Kyriakopoulos 80 YES
11th Subcircuit (Add’l Judge A) Pamela McLean Meyerson 80 YES
12th Subcircuit (Vac of Edward Jordan) James Paul Pieczonka NO